javascript not passing variables back to Storyline

Hello all;

I asked for help yesterday about rounding numbers and was given great help with a javascript that did just that.  May challenge is that the script is running except it is not passing the variables back to Storyline.  It is a very challenging slide I have taken from a larger file so a number of the variables may not make sense but if anyone can see why the JS is not passing DuHour and DuMin back I would greatly appreciate it.  I have alerts set up so I can see the script is working other than that.

thank you for any help anyone can provide.  this same formula needs to be used for many slides.


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Again, SL360 is not processing javascript that SL2 did with no problem.  After 5 hours of fighting with this looking for errors I recreated my triggers in SL2 and everything was fine.  If I import just that SL2 slide back into a 360 file the JS does not pass variables back to Storyline.  If I open the SL2 file and it upgrades the whole thing to 360 then the JS works as intended.

I will submit a support case as well but want others to know so they dont have the hours of frustration that I did no this issue.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

I'll admit that Javascript is an area that I'm not as confident in as we don't offer support for the code - but if the same items are not working in SL360 as they did in SL2, that's something we'd want to know about. 

You mentioned opening the SL2 file in SL360 allowed it to work okay, is there a reason you are unable to use that method vs. the import of one slide that didn't work okay? 

Let me know when you get the case open and I can follow along too! 

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Matthew;  Thanks for looking so closely.  Unfortunately while that may be a mistake it doesnt fix the problem.  In subsequent versions that was fixed but it did not change the result.  The JS works when written in SL2 but not in SL360.

Ashely; the slide is one of many that are already developed so that will be a challenge.   I plan to try something like that tomorrow.  I am a bit desperate at this point.

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Thank you so much for this.  No idea what was going on with the SL2 vs SL360 yesterday but I was kind of losing my mind at that point.

Ahsley;  sorry for attacking the software first.  I had almost the exact same situation when we first moved to SL360 regarding set complete in javascript so I have a bit of history in this area.

It is working so I am not even going to think about why anymore and just be happy.


Lisa Whalen

Hello everyone.  I am having the same problem with my rounding JS not working.  The only difference is that mine was working in Storyline 360 just before the newest upgrade of Storyline 360 (v3.5.11153.0).  This is for a complex tool that I created in Storyline where the rounding is critical.  Is there a way to revert back to the old version of Storyilne 360 so I can publish this to work again until there is a fix?