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Sep 16, 2015


i have a trigger at the end of the slide which is forced with a specific variable. I have created many slides with the same script, but just in some case the script is not working! Do any of you have the same problem? 

Thank you :) 


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Jure Gabrovšek

Sorry guys..i will be more specific. I attached two files Vocabulary and Grammar, which are the same by the type of exercise. But the JavaScript is working correctly just on one-Vocabulary. Please if you can find the problem! I have the trigger forced by the change of the variable. This variable is forced when user finish the exercise and revives the feedback. The Script is sending us the values of variables.

Jure Gabrovšek

Hi, thank you for interest in the threat! We did the system which includes articulate slides on which we have exercises for students. We have two javascripts in the slide, first one (which starts with the timeline start) is there to take variables (Q1,Q2,Q3,... TRUE/FALSE) from our database and show them to the user. The first one is forced just in case if user already solve the exercise. And than we have second javascript, which sends the variables and results to our server/database.

The articulate storyline works on the system, that every answer has it own Q1,Q2,Q3,... and that show us if user was correct or not. 

Bret Schueneman

Hi, I am having an issue with javascript not functioning in the LMS. The module is a rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 type assessment with a code triggering a print window to appear with all of the results categorized by the responses. Everything works fine when tested locally, however, only a blank window appears when it's run through the LMS. Any suggestions? Thanks

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