Javascript not working in Flash output of course

Jan 05, 2018

I am building a course for a client that needs to be in Flash format with HTML5 fallback. I am using javascript to register the pressing of the CTRL key by itself (as Storyline will only register the CTRL key in conjunction with a second key press). The javascript works in the HTML5 version of the course. It also works in the Flash version when I publish it in CD format and use the executable. However, I cannot get the Flash version to work when I publish and upload it to Articulate 360, or when I upload a published zip file to the client's LMS. Any ideas what might be happening? 

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David Allen

Hi Ashley,

Attached is a test file with some of the initial code I'm trying to get working. This very basic file is just trying to read the key press of the CTRL key.

There is a button on the screen that changes colors when you roll over it. It should also change colors when you press the CTRL key. The text on top of the screen should also show the variable "CTRLButtonPressed" change from "False" to "True" when the user presses the CTRL key. (Note: The variable is not supposed to change when the user rolls over the button). 

The HTML5 version works correctly. Here is a link to the HTML5 version published on Articulate 360: 

HTML5 Version

The Flash version of the file does not work correctly. The button changes color when the user rolls over it, but the press of the CTRL key is not registered, and the variable doesn't change. Here is a link to the Flash version published on Articulate 360:

Flash Version

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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