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I don't know if this is possible.

I have undertaken a task to develop a IQ test for an university.  The request is that test will be done on students that wants to do courses. Different test for different courses. 

This test will be done by more than 30 learners a day. 

They want students to register the day before and do the test the next day. What they want is on the 1st screen, students should put in an one-time access code which they are going to get when they go in for the test. This one-time access code will reflect their Name, Surname on the 2nd screen. At the end of the test the one-time access code will not be able to access the test again. They would like to capture this results onto their systems, preferably and Excel file which they can use to create charts etc.

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john faulkes

Hi Kennethg, yes this is possible, depending on how you are building your IQ test.....

If you are building this as a custom test, and will have variables for all of the answers, we have a solution that you can use as you build your project file. It gives you the facility to put in very simple SL triggers that will store the answers (variables' values) in a database, and read in a 'look-up' of names (etc) from the code numbers, as in your example. We connect the database using our code that runs in the background.

From all of the answers that are stored in the database, you can easily download an Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet, enabling you to analyse trends, create charts, etc.

Send me a private message if you would like to discuss further.

john faulkes

I'm sure I can assist. Kennethg, I just sent you a private message....

As far as i can see you want to a series of things, and I have added what a database would do:

1. Get students to register their details; they then get an access code (details and code stored on the database)

2. The next day they put in this code which gives them access to the test (database checks and gives permission)

3. They take the test which consists of banks of questions, as you've said in your message to me (database stores answers)

4. They get a report (if you want to give them one), and further access to take the test is not possible (Storyline/database controls this)

5. As more and more people take the test, data/trend analysis can be done (database can output data in any format you wish)

it may all be possible using an LMS but some of it might be tricky. If you wanted to use a separate database we can help you with this....