Javascript - Passing Score to Absorb LMS

I have a numeric variable called "Score" which can vary from 0 - 700. I want to pass this score total to Absorb using javascript. I have searched this forum and tried multiple suggestions without success.  I have tried publishing in SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and Tin Can.  I've also tried with and without a Results slide. Some of the examples I've found have worked for others but in a  different LMS.  Can anyone provide a known working script for Absorb? Also, where and when should the javascript be executed? Thanks.

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Trevor LaForce

Hi Justin, 

I'm also on Absorb and am boxing with transferring stuff to the LMS as well. I have a method for modifying the reported score (i.e. the score that shows on the Transcript, course reports, and in the learner view). Is that what you're after or are you trying to pass it to the LMS as a different "score" variable?

Trevor LaForce

Hey Justin, 

No problem! We decided to build custom quizzes for our e-learning because we're nuts and needed to come up with a way to report score. We're doing this in SCORM 2004.

We store the score in the variable CourseScore. It can only range between 1 and 100.

var player = GetPlayer();

I think in your case you'll want to change that 100 to 700. I believe the order of values is raw score, max score, min score.

I should also say that I'm not entirely sure that last line is correct a) for SCORM 2004 and b) for use with Absorb. It should probably just be a Commit(); call. 

As for where we do this, it's any time the score changes in a relevant way. In our case this is following successful completion of a quiz (of which there are multiple small ones in the course). 

Let me know if you have any other questions!