JavaScript Single Choice with 2 different ways of adding points

We want to script 2 ways of results - one simple adding of customized points (from -2 - +2). And the other connects the answers with a variable (+1 if the answer is selected).

Unfortunately just one of the results is working. The counter for the second kind of result count every click and not the choosen answer when the user is leaving the slide. 

And yes, we tried to connect the count with the submit button or the leaving of the slide - but it doensn't work. Thats why we added the slide in the attachement. 

Variables %S1% - %S4% should be connected to one of each options and should count +1, if this answer is choosen. (At the moment the counter counts every click a user made while he/she is making his/her decsicion). 

And (this works!) there should be a summerized result with customized points from -2 to +2. 

Can someone please help us? Thanks a lot!

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David Schwartz

Hi M P,

I have not dug into this very far, but did see one possible anomaly on slide 1.1: the trigger for option C  is adding 1 to variable S2, while the other triggers for options A, B, and D are setting their respective variables to 1. So at least for option C, there is the possibility of incrementing that variable.