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Phil Mayor

If you have a variable that is initially false, but is set by javascript to true on timeline start of the first slide.

If that variable is not changed to true then it must be in the AMP as javascript only does not work in the AMP.

I would then show a layer with the iPad instructions if the variable is equal to false and PC instructions if true

Hope that explains my reasoning

Kenton de Jong

Hey Dazzer,

A little late to the party, but you'll want to try something like this:

First, have a variable to check if it's an iPad or not. I'll just call my variable "iPad". Set it to true.

Then, execute JavaScript when the timeline starts. Run a script like this:

var player = GetPlayer();
player.SetVar("iPad", false);

That sets your variable to false, which means JavaScript must be working, and thus not inside the Articulate Mobile Player.

Then below, let's say you're clicking a button, do something like:

Jump to Slide X if "iPad" is equal to false (so, NOT in the AMP)
Jump to Slide Y if "iPad" is equal to true (so, in the AMP)

You'll probably not see this as the last comment on this thread was over a year ago, but maybe it will help somebody else down the road.