JavaScript Triggers Moving in Trigger Panel

Hello Heroes,

I am wanting to edit a storyline that I built in January of this year.  Before we were able to copy and paste triggers, I would use buttons that could be copied and pasted because they would bring their triggers along with them.  This project is built using that method.  I want to adjust the JavaScript so that it accepts a wider range of values.  When I open any of the JavaScript triggers, I am able to edit and save them, but when I click save, the trigger jumps to the top of that button's trigger panel.  I am then unable to move the trigger back to its original place. This throws off my calculations because the order of the triggers matters.  Has anyone else experience this issue?  I just updated to version v3.44.23192.0.  Thanks for any insight or help!


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Matney!

Anytime you edit a trigger, it should jump to the top of the trigger panel under the object. I can see how in this case, it is not ideal, especially when you've already created a specific trigger order.

There are tons of community members who use the Execute Javascript trigger often, so I'll leave it to them to step in with a workaround!

Ren Gomez

Hi Matney,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience! I tested your file in both Update 43 and 44 and observed the same thing.

I've shared your file with a support engineer to take a closer look, as they'll be able to provide more insight into the expected behavior here. Be on the lookout for a reply soon!