We just got the Conerstone LMS.

When I add a button to my course to close it using the Exit Course trigger, It will not mark the course complete.

I know I have used this - javascript:window.close() but not sure where I put it? On a button on a slide - I am not able to remember.

I know that I changed the 'Other' settings in the player to Launch Player in a new window... and Display with no browser controls.

I added the javascript to this course, but cant remember where! its driving me nuts. (this courseworks correctly)

Now I have the 'Other' settings set on another course and it creates a Launch page with a dumb yellow button that says Launch.

I DO NOT want that launch page/button.

I want it to launch a new window, behind the scenes and mark the course complete. (using this - javascript:window.close())

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


thank you :)


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