JAWS Not Reading Answers Correctly


We have designed a Storyline course with a multiple choice item - 4 answers - multiple select. JAWS will not read the first answer (it only reads as "Check box not checked") but it reads the other three answers fine. If I use the arrow keys on the first answer JAWS will spell out the answer text fine so it sees it but it will not read it when tabbing through. It is reading everything else perfectly fine, including all the answers for the other question type we used (multiple choice with single answer). Please help! 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Kristi!

What browser were you using to test? Storyline supports JAWS 16 and later with Internet Explorer 11 and later (Flash output only) which is included in the overall Accessibility support here. You'll want to be sure that you're on the latest JAWS update, and that you open JAWS first before you open the browser.

If you're on the latest update and still having trouble, would you mind sharing a copy of your .story file with our Support Engineers here?