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Crystal Horn

Hi Ruth. Thanks for describing what's happening in your project.

My team is investigating an issue where JAWS is reading the "built-in" alternate text of the Normal state of buttons rather than the text you enter in Tab Order. JAWS will say "Button 2 button, to activate press spacebar". Pressing spacebar will make JAWS read the alternate text entered in the Tab Order window or Accessibility menu.

The current workaround is to either manually remove or change the alternate text of the states. I'll add your discussion to the right report so we can update you with any new information! Are you using Storyline 3 or 360?

Kathy Kenyon

Also, do you know why JAWS is reading the default alt text of another button. We have a button in a master slide default name Button 1 that looks identical to a button in another master slide called default name Button 2. When reading the slide that uses Button 1, not only does it ignore the alt text but it says Button 2 Button.