JAWS reader is not reading my alt text for Play/Pause button


My play and pause button is being read as "button to button" instead of "Play button" or "Pause button" by JAWS. I've checked the alt text and each button have the proper labeling but JAWS is not reading it as such. Has anyone ran into this issue. Is there a workaround for it? Currently, my learners who use screen readers will not know what these buttons are. 

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Claire. So sorry you're running into this behavior!

We've identified an issue where JAWS doesn't read a button's alternate text correctly. Instead, it reads the default alt-text. For instance, JAWS will say "Buton 2 button, to activate press spacebar." Pressing spacebar will cause JAWS to read the alt-text entered in the Tab Order window or Accessibility menu.

Does this description match what's in your file? If you're able to share your .story project, we're happy to dig in and let you know what we find!