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Jeanette Brooks

Screencast discrimination? LOL. 

That's weird, Karen! And I'm so sorry to hear of that; have not heard of this issue happening to others, and what's strange is, we all use the same tool (Screenr) to record and post our screencasts. Are you able to view the screencasts directly at Screenr? My Screenr feed is here: //www.screenr.com/user/jeanettebrooks 

Jeanette Brooks

Thanks Karen! I connected with Craig, our resident Screenr wizard, and he'll investigate to see if there's any additional troubleshooting steps we can recommend. In the meantime, you might try playing the screencasts from a different computer (or even from a different location, such as a home computer)  to see if you're able to play them that way. Or from a mobile device. 

Karen Pierce

Hi - Thanks for all suggestions. I had already updated my flash player and that made no difference. I also tried playing it from a co-workers computer and it WORKED. So, it's definitely on my end. Hopefully I'll figure it out.

Your tutorials (even when I can just read them) have been  STELLAR! Can only imagine the HOURS you put into creating them. Thanks. KP