Jeopardy in Storyline

So i was playing with storyline and trying to learn how to use all the features available. Just wanted to get some feedback on any ways i could improve the functionality of this. It could also serve as a template for anyone who likes it


Sean Hoyle

**Updated August 13th, 2013**

Here is my final product.


Storyline File

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Kimberly Valliere

A HUGE thank you to Sean! I was able to use his generously shared story file to adapt his game into one that would work for a live audience with two teams. After 14 seconds on the question screen, three buttons pop up: Team 1, Team 2, Neither. Click on whichever team should be scored the points, if both were wrong--neither would be your selection. There are no points taken off for incorrect answers, aren't I nice? Once all screens have been revealed, press finish. This will show a slide for the winning team.




 Story file (updated)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sue,

Are you looking to include the built in next button or your own custom button? The built in next button can be enabled on an individual slide by using the slide properties but it will be on the entire slide (no way to isolate it to a layer).  If you'd like to use a custom button, you could add that to a slide or layer and then you'll just want to set up the trigger as to where that would go when clicking on the button. 

Kimberly Valliere

K R, by recommendations do you mean the feedback slide layers? If so, click on the results slide (2.1) in story view and click the slide layers to change the information.


Does this answer your question?


Jeopardy Results Slide Layers

If you are referring to Sean's version, you'll have to locate the appropriate slide layer that needs to be edited. Keep in mind, some screens are created via slide masters. To access slide masters, go to view > slide master.

Kimberly Valliere

K, what if you deleted the review layer and created another one? Since I cannot get any of Sean's original dropbox links to work, and I am not able to get to the review layer in the version I downloaded, I'm having a hard time trying to recreate your issue. I'm starting to wonder if maybe we have two different versions of his file? I'm using the one attached above.

Can you attach your story file here? (Feel free to save a different version without specific information if that's a worry.)

Jedidiah Esposito

Hi K, - It sounds like you might actually be using my version. 

The review slide is set up in kind of a weird way, and when I have some time I'll likely go back and make some changes to the way this template works. I was new to Storyline when I reworked Sean's original template, so there's some weirdness.

Anywho, the feedback objects are there, but the default state is empty. If you click on any of the areas outlined by the guide lines (make sure guides are on) and then click on 'states' you should be able to see the feedback. Here's a video showing how:

Not 100% sure if you're using my reworked template, but if so - that should help.