Jeopardy in Storyline

So i was playing with storyline and trying to learn how to use all the features available. Just wanted to get some feedback on any ways i could improve the functionality of this. It could also serve as a template for anyone who likes it


Sean Hoyle

**Updated August 13th, 2013**

Here is my final product.


Storyline File

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Marcos Roberto

Hello guys
I downloaded this file on the internet and have a doubt
When you click on the question of the third column (the question of the center) ... choose incorrect answer ... what happens? It should be disabled, however, maintains a link enabled. How do I do I disable? Sorry for my English ... I'm learning.
Thank you.

Jonathan Bacon

First a couple of caveats: First, I think Sean's Story file was one of several examples that I used as the basis for a couple of games for Mainstreet USA (now no longer open). Mainstreet was a hands-on field trip center for elementary age students. Second, I no longer have Storyline (after a computer crash) and haven't used the app for at least 3 years, so I cannot advise much about this program I developed (again based on Sean's work and the work of others). 

But, I can provide access to the Story files and the output files as well as a zipped version of the final executable files. Use as you wish, so long as you include the credits in any distributable version. The files are available at

I hope this is helpful.