Jerk in text animation after change setting to "Scale player to fill browser".

I am working on text animation with Fade-In effect in Story-line 2 Update 2.

After publish animation look perfect but when I go for change flash player size setting to “Scale player to fill browser window” from player setting (see attached screen shot 01.jpg).

Now when I publish my course with above mentioned setting and check in browser for text animation, there are jerk in text position.

Here with this I attached story-line file's & publish zip.

Can anyone please check attached resource and let me know the solution for this text jerk issue in animation.



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Akash Jambhorkar

Hello Ashley,

I faced the same issue in storyline 03 but now this issue replicate only in Firefox browser on html5 output.

This issue is replicated only when we set player setting to “Scale player to fill browser window”.

Please find attached publish output.

Note: Please look at in Firefox Browser.

Please let me if any alternative solution for this.








Akash Jambhorkar

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for your reply,

You have to click on those buttons and after revealing the pop up text is a jerk.

Please find attached storyfile with package and screen recording.

Please have a look at the first paragraph, second and fourth line is a jerk after an animation completes. (FireFox HTML5)


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Akash,

Thanks for sharing your .story file for us to take a look. 

I feel like I'm still not seeing a jerk when taking a look at this file. Check out my recording here and you can view my published output here.

If you experience an issue with my published output, please share what Operating System you are using and what your current version of Firefox is.

Akash Jambhorkar

Hi Leslie

I have checked the output, which you have sent to me. And same issue replicates on my machine, please have a look at the attached screen recording.

Here is the operating system details:

Windows 10 pro 64 bit 

FireFox: 59.0.2 (64-bit)

screen resolution : 1600*900

Windows 8.1 Enterprise

FireFox: 59.0.2 (64-bit)

Screen resolution :1280*1024