Jump Ahead Menu for Client Use?

I'm working on a linear project with several levels that the participant needs to pass in order to move ahead.  I frequently have the need for client to be able to see an advance level without "passing or completing" prior levels.  I don't use the Storyline Player Menu because it takes up screen space.

Is there a way for me to have the Storyline Player Menu on only one slide, so client can jump to the interactions they want to see?

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Matthew Bibby

I just add triggers to the master slide, e.g. 'Jump to slide 14 when the user presses 1', 'Jump to slide 23 when the user presses 2' and so on. Then just let your client know which buttons to press to jump between the various sections.

Edit: but yes, you can add a menu to just one slide. Edit the slide properties and change the player features from player defaults to custom for the selected slides, then you'll be able to turn on the menu for an individual slide.