Jump to next slide on keystroke CTRL + C/CMD + C

Creating a software demo/tutorial. One section requires copying some text and then pasting it elsewhere. Two problems:

1 - If I setup the Jump to next Slide based on keystroke CONTROL + C, will it work if the user is on a Mac and they use COMMAND + C? Is this built-in to Articulate to know the difference -- that it is the Copy command and not literally a keystroke using only certain keys? If not, how do I program this since Windows/Articulate do not recognize Mac commands as part of the keystroke vernacular in the Trigger palette?

2 - Even using CTRL + C on Windows, the jump to a next slide trigger does not work with the trigger setup to jump on keystroke CTRL + C. Not sure what I am doing wrong. If I preview the scene and do the wrong keystroke, I get a Try Again message, so it seems to be listening.

Help appreciated! - Steve

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Phil Mayor

i don't think it will work using a known key combinations as it will be trapped by the OS and never make it to the published file.

the ctrl+c and cmc+c are two separate keystrokes, the equivalent on a windows PC is windows key+c

when test key strokes ensure you are uploading to a server as locally they generally do not work.