Jump to position in timeline

Apr 18, 2018

I was wondering if it is possible to jump to a position in a timeline from the current position minus 10 seconds, or forward by 10 seconds from the current position?

So for example, a user is watching a 90 second video and clicks on a button, and this triggers a jump from it's current timeline position backwards 10 seconds?

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Trevor Peglowski

Hello Nico

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be a feature in Articulate. I'm going to see if there's a way to use javascript to manipulate this function. I'll let you know if I get anything. 

Of course, the timeline can be clicked by the user in the seekbar. It may be helpful to create shapes with hover states, like attached, to let users know when certain sections begin. I created a very rough version of this idea, which is attached. 

I used the timeline of numbers for my reference, so I knew where to put the shapes. I would probably use hot spots instead of shapes, so they're not visible. Or make the shapes shorter, and have them pop up when a hotspot atop them are hovered. Just a potential solution :)

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