Jump to scene breaks the resume feature

This may seem illogical, but we're working on a WBT that has a 'jump to scene' trigger that seems to break the functionality of the Resume feature. Basically, the WBT works like this ...

  1. The WBT starts with an assessment ... if you can pass, then you obviously don't need training, so you're done.
  2. If you fail, you click a button to go through the training (we'll call this button 1).
  3. At the end of the training, you click another button to retry the assessment (button 2).
  4. And if you fail again, there is another button to let you retry the assessment without going through the training again (button 3).

The assessment is in one scene and the training is in another. Buttons 1 and 3 are both on the Results slide at the end of the Assessment scene. Button 2 is on the last slide in the Training scene.

Originally, we set up Button 2 to use the 'jump to scene' trigger, pointing it to the Assessment scene. The other buttons all used 'jump to slide' triggers. No specific reason ... it's just how they were set up. And they worked fine. The 'jump to scene' took us to the first slide in the Assessment scene, just like it was supposed to.

But then when we loaded it into the LMS and started testing things like exiting and resuming ... we discovered that after clicking Button 2 (the one that was set up as 'jump to scene') the resume didn't work correctly. We would exit, re-launch, resume, and be placed somewhere in the middle of the Assessment ... not at all where we were when we exited. It was only broken the first time we exited after clicking Button 2. Exiting at any other point in the WBT did not cause problems.

Changing the 'jump to scene' trigger to a 'jump to slide' trigger (pointing to slide 1 of the Assessment scene) seems to have corrected this issue.

So the question ... after this lengthy description of the issue ... is why? Why would a 'jump to scene' trigger break the resume feature? What is the difference between 'jump to scene' and 'jump to slide 1 of the scene'? Although right now we think this is working, we are all baffled by why it wasn't working before.

Any thoughts? (We're using Storyline 2 ... I'm pretty sure it's the latest build)


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Marge -- Thanks so much for reaching out here, and sorry for your troubles! Would it be possible for you to share your file so that we are able to take a closer look for you?

And also, as you mentioned the behavior you encountered on your LMS, may I ask if you are seeing the same when testing on the SCORM Cloud? You may find this article, How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud, to be of some assistance, as well. 

Marge Rutter

Thanks Phil. As it turns out, we did determine in the end that it was due to us hitting the suspend data limit in the LMS. Now we are working on how to slim down the course so it doesn't hit that limit.

Has anyone ever published a comprehensive list of which elements eat up specifically how much of the suspend data? It would be nice to be able to just throw out a couple of big things instead of going through and changing the resume setting on each slide.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Marge -- I'll defer to others in the community to share ideas on a a comprehensive list of which elements use a certain amount of the suspend data, but for anyone else who comes across this thread and is totally unfamiliar with the suspend data limits, I wanted to be sure to stop back in and share this link. :)