Jump to slide and then return to original from multiple points in course


A client of mine wants to have a job aid slide and he only wants one copy of it in Articulate Storyline, but he wants the user to jump to it from multiple points in the course and then return to where they came from. I tried screenshot and upload to a webpage and then using a link, but it said that it had to be opened in a new window which will not be acceptable to him. Any ideas? I am fairly new at this so I can use all the help I can get!

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Leann Poston

Thank you, he wants to be able to get to one slide from multiple other
slides and return to his previous one no matter which one it was. I thought
the only way to make it work was to make multiple copies of the slide and
put it as a layer on each one he is coming from or use multiple buttons on
the destination slide to get back to each origin.

Leann Poston