Jump to Slide from a layer Pauses the baselayer timeline after Lightbox have been used

I have a scene with a cycled sound and animation that seems to stop when I jump to the slide from a Incorrect layer.

I have a drag and drop scenario where the user can drag a picture onto a tv to watch a hint movie. This is done with a lightbox. When the lightbox closes the player can then drag the item to the drop spot he or she thinks is the right one.

If they submit and fail, I have a Jump to Slide on the Incorrect layer that should essential restart the slide and reset it. It does, except now the timeline on the baselayer is set to paused. And I have no trigger to resume timeline or pause the timeline anywhere. This means that my animation breaks on the first lightbox, because when you return the timeline doesn't move. 

This is only an issue when I have used the Lightbox feature. If I do not use that feature, the timeline behaves normally upon revisit.

How can I force Storyline 2 to automatically let the timeline play when user enters, even on the start and even if I have lightboxed?


Summary of the problem as a step by step:

1) Drag and drop items, use Submit for failure. 

2) Click on Retry on Incorrect layer to jump to Slide (Properties set to Initialise on visit)

3) Drag and drop items, use the lightbox feature, Submit for failure

4) Click on Retry on Incorrect layer to jump to Slide (Properties set to Initialise on visit)

5) Timeline is now paused.

I can redo as many times as I want when I ignore the lightboxing feature.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Soren,

The main slide timeline is designed to pause when you lightbox another slide - so there isn't a way to stop it from pausing. I'm not sure what connection the lightbox feature has to your drag and drop, but perhaps instead you could look at setting up a custom lightbox set up?  This is from Storyline 1, but the same concepts would apply in Storyline 2.