Jump to slide when media completes is not working after watching more than one video!

I have a very simple page with a video on it, thats set up with a variable that jumps to another slide when the media completes.  I have 6 instances in my whole project where this happens. 
When i test (both within Storyline and after being published) this 'jump to ___ when media completes' variable only works for the first video watched. Ive tried it with all 6 videos from fresh previews/refresh of my browser. Whichever video I picked  first worked fine, and whichever video I picked second, does not continue to the next slide. 
The extra weird part is that all other buttons on the slide no longer work either. Its like the entire story file ceases to work, except the video (which i can scub, pause and play still) 

Help heroes! This one has me completely stumped!! 

**NOTE** in my testing, i've found that this only happens if I skip ahead (scrub) in the videos. If i let them play through, its not a problem. But, in my opinion, you should still be able to scrub. Otherwise its basically a gaited course (we're a fan of open nav, here!) Surely there must be a way to fix this? Again, it works totally fine if I skip through the first video. Its the 2nd one thats problematic (no matter which one i choose to be second).

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

I'd agree with Wendy here - we'll want to take a look at your .story file, as I'm not sure how the user is accessing these different videos all on the same page if they're set to jump to the next slide when the media completes - and what type of variable you've set up to track the completion. 

Can you share just that one slide here with us using the "add attachment" button to upload it here? 

Sarah MacDonald

Thanks for understanding Ashley. 
As you can see, the page has a video, with a trigger to go back to the "Watch Menu" page when the media completes.  The other two triggers are a button to manually go back to the "Watch Menu" (which as I mentioned above does not work for the 2nd video watched) and one to change a variable (changes the state of a graphic on the "Watch Menu" page)  

There are now - after revisions- only 4 videos. They are each programmed the same. You can see the structure in the story view screenshot i've provided.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the images. A few thoughts just based on this - 

  • Does each media have it's own variable element? 
  • Where are you referencing the variable later and what triggers are associated with that?
  • You've set it to "watched" which is a custom value - have you looked at using them as a true/false variable?
  • You mentioned it only happens when the user scrubs thru the video, is that when you're scrubbing on the slide timeline or the video controls? When you include the video controls, it's no associated with the slide timeline any longer and therefore those elements aren't in sync. 

Also, is it only the second video that isn't working? What about videos 3 and 4? If those ones do work, have you looked at recreating the second video slide? 

Sarah MacDonald

First, our custom variables are working fine. Theres no issue with them at all. The issue lies with trigger for the videos recognizing that the media is completed.  That being said, each video has its own custom value. video1, video2, video3, video4. 

Second, we are not using any slide controls (scrubber, forward, back, volume and menu are all turned off) So when i say 'scrub' i mean the video controls. 

The course is designed to be open navagation, meaning the user can watch any of the 4 videos first. So when I say the 'second' video is not behaving correctly, i mean the second video watched, which could be any of the 4 videos. we've tested this in every order possible, and in every scenario, the first video watched can be scrubbed straight to the end, and storyline still recognizes that the media is completed.  No matter which video we choose next, if we scrub it, it no longer works, and even the hostspots cease to work. So we can't actually get to the 3rd of 4th videos because the entire course freezes. 


Hopefully this helps clear some things up. Let me know if ican explain anything else! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Sarah for the clarification - it's hard to know what elements could play a role without seeing it in action, so thanks for bearing with me. Was this file upgraded from Storyline 1 to Storyline 2? I saw at least one other instance of this - but it was file specific, and only occurred for that user within the upgrade. 

Could you cover the video scruber with a transparent shape so that they could see it but not use it? I know you mentioned opened navigation - but this would at least stop the user from scrubbing or jumping around the video. 

Catherine Shen

Hi there, I'm having the same issue which is that on a few slides, the trigger "jump to slide X when media completes" does not appear to work in the HTML5 version of a course. This seems to be happening with larger media files (video files that are particularly long/large). I'm willing to share the file directly and would love to resolve this finicky little bug to ensure a really high learner experience for my client's course. thanks!