Jump to slide when x time has elapsed

I have built a custom test, got all the scoring working as I want so it will report to my LMS etc. I'm gathering the result using a How Many survey question. Both the survey question and the results slide are "hidden" from learners - I've simply put other stuff on the screen so the learner doesn't need to see the workings.

I now need to be able to end the test after 10 minutes (let's use 10 seconds for testing!). I have a timer on the master slide. When the time is reached, I would like a layer to appear that says "time's up" and the learner will be prevented from clicking on the base layer, closing the layer etc. Any other slide the learner navigates to will also show this "time's up layer" so that they can't change any answers after the time has passed. The user should click an OK button and that would jump to the How Many slide so that I can collect the score and pass it to the LMS.

I don't think I can use the inbuilt "end test after" function on the results slide. At least that doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas how I can achieve this?

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Christina Clark

When following the steps in Matthew's tutorial, I found the timer displayed oddly when learners went back to visit previous pages. I reached out to Matt, and he gave me this very helpful reply:

It looks like the timer is starting for a second time when you navigate back. Perhaps you could use a T/F variable to track if the slide has been visited before?


  • Create a True/False variable called Slide01Visited set to False by default
  • Create a conditional Execute JavaScript trigger that runs on timeline start as long as Slide01Visited is False (this is where the code for the timer goes)
  • Then have a trigger underneath that which changes the Slide01Visited variable to True. 

That solved the problem for me. The timer is now working exactly how I want.

Many thanks to Matt!