Jump to Slide X based on Variable

I have scoured the forum and can't seem to find what I am looking for and hoping someone can help.  I am sure this will require some javascript.

My question is how would I go about setting a trigger to jump a learner to slide X based on a stored variable?

Specifically, my plan is to set the player to 'always resume'. 

When the learner is on a slide and decides to save & exit course, I redirect them to their 'home' slide in the course and display a message that their progress is saved.  Then they can exit the course.

Upon return, they will be directed back to this 'home' slide based on the 'always resume' setting.  I have a message welcoming them back and ask them if they would like to resume where they left off specifically or if they want to stay on home to explore other areas. 

So what I would like to implement is - when they choose save from the slide and before they are redirected to the 'home slide' - I want to flag that slide in a variable (I could say set variable = scene number, slide number). 

But when they come back and they click the option to resume how do I get storyline to jump to the exact slide number as referenced by the variable?


Thank you in advance.


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Christina the Trainer

i wouldn't want it to jump to that slide when they click, I would want it to jump to scene number, slide number when course reloads (they are returning).


So I have two questions:

what do I need to say in execute javascript trigger to make storyline jump to x slide?


what is the javascript I would use that would execute to capture the scene number and slide number and store it in a storyline variable for the above question to refer to?

This would occur when they return to the course. I have a main slide with two layers 'saved user message layer' (they land here when they save from anywhere else) and it confirms their progress is saved and lets them either exit or resume (go back where they were).

If they resume on the saved message layer, when they come back they will be at the saved message layer.  Which is fine, but I want a text box to display saying 'welcome back'.  I cannot get this part to work.  when they resume the course and it reloads the save layer is exactly how they left it and me adding a trigger to change a state of a welcome back text box to normal does not work.   Everything else works fine.

I tried to put the welcome back message on a layer on the slide they saved from, but again the layer wouldn't display.


Christina the Trainer

For reference:  I implemented this:  https://blogs.articulate.com/word-of-mouth/save-states-slide-upon-resume-storyline/

and it works great.  I like it because I can pause media (videos, inserted flash tutorials etc) when they click save so when they come back they don't have to start the media back over the timeline picks up where it left off.  I have a dummy storyline file too that I built to test this functionality before I actually put it in a real course....

All I really want to change that is different then that link is to say 'welcome back person name, you last saved on x date and time' and let them click resume to go back where they were.

but I cant get any triggers to work on timeline start when they come back to the layer.  (ie. making my welcome message visible)