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Walt Hamilton

You could use one variable with lots of different possible values. If cow, jump to cow slide, etc. I program a lot, and am not sure it can be done any easier in js.  With the new trigger panel, copying triggers and clicking a drop down to change the conditions makes for a very fast process.

Of course, programming is much more glamorous :)

John Blum

Thank you for your reply Walt.

This is a very complex adaptive learning feature we are building for our courses, and due to the complexity requires many, many triggers and variables which is very cumbersome and very time consuming to copy to every slide in an entire course.  For simple or moderate navigation control variables and triggers work fine.  

Walt Hamilton

Someone may have better information, but I think you are stuck with using js to change a variable, and using that variable change to initiate a jump trigger.

If all your triggers are the same, place them on a bare layer. Set it to initiate the trigger sequence on timeline start, and to close at .01 or .1 sec. Pretty simple to paste it to all slides, and each slide only needs one trigger to show the layer.