Jump to time trigger - executing things BEFORE the actual playhead

Ok, the title might be a little confusing, but I don't know how to describe it easily :D

So the scenario:

Slide starts, it goes to 5s and layer shows. On that layer, there is button to hide that layer (the timeline still goes normally in background). I hide the layer, and now, after hiding layer, I show the button with trigger "jump to time" like 100s.

What I expect to happen - I go from let's say 20s to 100s. What happens? The timeline goes to 0s and all the way to 100s, resulting in showing me my layer again.

Another case - drag items got resetted to their original position instead of standing on the dropped ones. What's curious, the state of drag object doesn't change (for example it stays drop correct).

Is that intended behavior? That would be sad, as it prevents from making complex slide or results in abandoning "jump to time" trigger.

I've added story file to make things easier.


If anyone asks, why I need this - for me one of the greatest flaws of Storyline is unability to nicely animate-out all the objects on the screen. You can either set trigger "Change state to hidden when something" for all the objects (I make the timeline 1000s long), pause the timeline and then resume it (I often voiceover my courses so it can make conflicts) or with the newest trigger just jump to the nearly-end of the slide, so everything animates out. Sadly, now you can use it only on pretty simple slides.

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