Jump-to-Time Trigger with Layers, can't skip previous cue points.


I have a video in my base layer, along with 4 cue points. I have also placed 4 shapes that are "bookmarks" for specific moments in the video. 

There are 4 layers that are shown when timeline reaches each Cue Point on the base layer. My idea is that: When the timeline hits a cue point, the video on the base layer is paused, the layer is played, then it finishes, closes, and the base layer timeline continues along with the video. The trick is that I want the user to be also able to jump to a specific point in the video AND corresponding layer. I cannot achieve this...

The problem:

Download the attachment. Launch the slide, then click for example shape number 3. You will not be taken to the 3rd layer. Instead, layer 1 will launch, followed by layer 2, and then layer 3. After layer 3 finishes, the video will continue normally.  I want to jump to a whatever bookmark of my choice with the video being adjusted accordingly. At this moment Storyline is playing each layer that is placed before the layer that it is supposed to show. 

If you play around with this navigation you will see that it really has some problems... I do not really know how to fix this,

I have attached a quick demo. Please see and advice!

Thank you!

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