"Jump to timeline" considers variable changes along the way

Nov 10, 2020

Hi everyone,

on a slide I jump via triggers back and forth on the timeline.

Also, on certain points on the timeline I change the states of variables via triggers ("change variable X when timeline reaches Y").

When I jump the timeline I see that storyline considers all my "variable change"-triggers along the way, so regarding the variables it is more a "fast forward" than "jumping". Can this somehow be prevented?

I need the variables to only change when I - on purpose - play the corresponding segment of the timeline, not when I jump to a certain timecode. Any ideas on this? Or can you point me to a corresponding post?

THANK YOU in advance :-) 


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Jannis Goossens

Thank you for your support Walt! Unfortunately that doesn't solve my problem. Here's the thing: I change a "state"-variable depending on timepoints. Depending on this variable's state I want things to happen after the jump. When I jump on the timeline it changes all states along the way and by this triggers a lot of actions I don't want. I found a workaround which is not very beautiful but does the job. Thanks again!

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