"Jump to URL\file" having two slashes in trigger in SL2

Jan 19, 2015

Hi All,

I am currently facing a problem with SL2 update4.  The "Jump to URL/file" trigger is adding a double slash to local file links.  I believe this was previously fixed in SL1 update4. (HERE)  All my .story files which i created on SL1 and converted to SL2 still have the single slash, and i can access my resources when publishing.  But the moment i touch the trigger (edit) or create a new trigger to link to file (for e.g. cpeen\story.html) gets converted to a double slash (cpeen\\story.html).  In effect, the link doesn't work.

We experienced that running Sl2 on Windows 8.1 64 bit, so we tested on Win 7 32 bit.  Still the same issue was found.

Anyone experiencing that.  Is that a known issue?  If so, is there an estimated time for resolution?  Thanks.

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George Champlin

Not true in a shared environment.

I work on a collaborative team and we share files from a server that are under version control. We all have the same path to our local versions and update the server with local changes when they occur.

If I create a link trigger it has double backslashes in the path, but I can publish and the files will end up in the external_files folder of the build. But if a co-worker publishes the file, the external_files folder is created but it's empty.

We need a fix for this ASAP.

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