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Hi there. I have a Storyline Quiz that has a player trigger set to Jump to URL and to do so in the current browser window. I am redirecting the user to a custom logout page that our company requires. The redirect works perfectly in Firefox and Chrome. BUT in IE the redirect CLOSES the current window!  Is this a known issue? I am interested to see if others have stumbled across this. It will definately be to do with IE and its security settings around flash BUT just wondering if anyone could speed up my investigation a little. 

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Peter Anderson

Hey Brendan, welcome to Heroes!

Don't believe I've seen this pop up before, but we'd be happy to take a closer look into it. Please submit a case, including your .story file, using the link below so our support team can assist you further. And please be sure to mention which IE you are using:



Brendan Mccarthy

Thanks for your reply Peter. After a good sleep I have managed to sort the issue this morning. The problem was that the redirect url was a local intranet redirect and was NOT using the fully qualified DNS resolve. It was using a netbios machine name and this was for some reason causing the redirect to crash the current browser window. I added a host in DNS and changed the url and all is working as designed. Browser is IE 9 FYI.

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Brendan McCarthy