Jump URL/ file not working (yet !)


my problem is :

Jump to URL/file is working on ie navigator, but not in google and firefox : nothing at all.

Any popup opened, no message restriction. Idem for execute javascript, but javascript is allowed in all navigators.

Example url : http://trailraiddusalagou.free.fr/

but no success.

Is it a bug of articulate ? I upload the last update but it's the same problem ...

if these is a solution ...


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Timothy Smith

I have the same issue when we use the Launcher.HTML created by Storyline.

We have identified that the Jump to URL does not work from versions published in Flash. If you launch using the HTML5 launch the Jump to URL appears to work correctly. Since we must support a wide range of browers and versions this is very challenging for us.

From the flash published version (confirmed by right clicking the screen) the Jump to URL is ignored. From HTML5 published output it works properly.

We have also noted that the Launcher does not appropriatly select the correct HTML version to use with Chrome or Firefox. It defaults to the flash version and not HTML5. It would seem desirable to default to HTML5.

To test we created a single slide file with only a button to trigger the link.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Greg,

This issue is a bit older, and wasn't something I was able to recreate then. Are you using Storyline 1 or Storyline 2? Are you able to share a bit more information with us in terms of where/how you're testing the published content? You'll want to test within the intended environment as detailed here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Greg,

I think we'll need to take a look at the .story file and how you've set up the trigger. Can you first confirm that you're testing the published output within the intended environment? Testing it locally could cause the course to not work as expected as detailed her.e  If you're in need of a testing method, you may want to use SCORM Cloud as that's an industry standard for testing SCORM content.