Jumping back to a layer of a previous slide

Aug 08, 2012

Hello everyone,

The standard trigger options for navigation include Show/Hide Layer, Jump to Slide/Scene. However, in my current course I need to jump to a layer of the previous slide when the user clicks the  custom "Back" button. Is this possible?

Thank you,

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Nancy Woinoski

Hmm, that is an interesting one. I think you might have to create a variable to do this.

You could create a boolean variable for this. Call it JumpLayer (or whatever) and make it a true/false variable with the inital value set to false.

Then on the slide with the custom back button, add a trigger that says. Ajust variable JumpLayer to true when user clicks the back button.

On the base layer of the slide that contains the layer create another trigger that says Show Layer (whatever your layer is called) when timeline starts

and add a condition to the trigger as follows

If variable Jumplayer is equal to true.

The only issue with this setup is that  it will cause the base layer to jump to the layer everytime the user visits the slide after they have clicked that custom button once.

So you may need to have another trigger on the layer itself to reset the variable back to false.

I hope this makes some sense to you.

Patricia Turner

Thanks Nancy!

This makes perfect sense to me and it works for me--mostly. In my case, I made a Tips and Tricks lightbox slide with buttons across the bottom. Each button, when hovered, shows a title on a layer. For instance, hover over button 12 and it shows "Subject." click on that button and you go to the layer that shows information on "Subject."

The way it works, when you visit that lightbox slide, a layer entitled "Option 1" automatically shows when the timeline starts. 

On one layer, we'll call it "Option 12", I wanted to launch an interactive .swf file in a separate lightbox slide. I put a button on that layer that did indeed take me to a new lightbox slide that had the interactive .swf  Perfect so far.

However, when I click the back button, it ALWAYS takes me back to Option 1 layer, even though it shows the button for Option12 selected. I even set the slide to Resume saved state when revisiting. I had to delete the trigger showing Option 1 at the start of the timeline in order to make it work.

I'm attaching a screen shot of my slide triggers. I tried moving the first trigger down to see if the second trigger would override, but that didn't work either. 

Not a big deal! I'll figure out something that will work. Wanted to post it in case I'm just leaving something out that would be a simple fix.

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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