Jumping positions to Cue point

Mar 07, 2013

Hello All,

I am working on a project and i need to jump the time line position as per the cue points i have created.

In the below screenshot, I have created two Buttons i.e. Button 01 , Button 02.

When clicked button 01, the timeline needs to jumped to Cue point 01 and same for Button 02.

As the storyline doesn't provide Jump to trigger, kindly suggest me the workaround to achieve this.

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Seth Jensen

I believe I need the cue functionality that Tim is looking for, but perhaps my situation can use a work-around.  I have a slide with lots of nested layers, so that users can jump around within the presentation.  What I am trying to do:  Once a user reaches a layer "Base Info", an audio clip plays explaining the details of what the subsections hold.  Then the user clicks a subsection, jumps to another layer, and get another audio clip.  I have a back button to get to the base info page, but then the audio plays again.  Is there a way to only have it play once?  Using the cue point would handle this easily, but since that's not an option, how do I set a certain button to NOT play the audio in the slide, in this case, the back buttons for each sub-section???

Brian Allen
Seth Jensen

Is there a way to only have it play once?

Hello Seth,

I also use this work around that you're proposing.

An easy way to only play the audio once is to create a T/F variable for each audio file, default value of "False". When the audio is played the first time change the value of the variable for that audio file to "True".

Now that you have your variables set up, all you need to do is add a check when playing your audio file, something like play audio at the beginning of the timeline IF variable is equal to "False".

It's a little bit of extra work, but it works well.

Chad Keller

Instead of having the audio automatically play in the layer; you can assign a "Play Media" trigger on timeline starts.  Then create a variable that you can use to track if the audio has played once. (set the variable to true on timeline start in the Base Info layer)

Add a condition to the Play Media trigger so that the audio only plays when the variable is set to 'false'.

Make sure that the Adjust Variable trigger is the last trigger so that it is assigned 'after' the audio plays for the first time.

See the attached example on how you could go about achieving this.

Seth Jensen

Both solutions are EXACTLY what I was looking for.  I am still relatively new to Storyline, but I am finding that half the time, the issue is just how you approach the problem, that determines finding a good solution.  Thank you Brian and Chad for your input.  I think either solution will get me exactly where I need to be!!

William Hach

Hi, first time posting here on the forum, but I'm just wondering if there has been any movement towards adding this "jump to cue point" functionality in Storyline 2.  In my role, we're getting more into producing video-based content and because of that, I'm finding that this functionality would be extremely valuable in some of these projects.  Thanks to the community for all the great info. and advice!

Darren Wall

This has suddenly become a much needed feature for me, especially for video playback, ideally I'd like the user to be able to view the captions in their entirety , with each line used as a jump-to point within the video, very handy if you've got a process video and need to jump to a certain step (very similar to the functionality youtube has where people leave links in the description to jump to a different timestamp)

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