jumping to a layer 2 from another slide

Mar 31, 2014

Another Question based off my first question 

I have a hotspot on slide 1.1 

I want this hotspot to jump to slide 2.2 (layer 2)

How do I get this hotspot to jump onto a layer other than the First one? 

I will still be using the first layer , but I want this specific hotspot to go to layer 2 on slide 2 

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Brett Rockwood

Forgot to mention that on slide 1 you need to make sure the variable happens before the trigger to go to slide 2. So you interaction should go like this:

  1. Create a T/F variable and set it to F
  2. Add trigger to your hotspot that changes the variable to T.
  3. Add another trigger to your hotspot that advances you to slide 2. (This must come after the variable trigger change.)
  4. On slide 2 set a trigger to show layer 2 when the timeline starts if your variable if T.

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