Jumping to a new slide from a lightbox menu still shows originating slide - published version only

I've created a custom menu in a lightbox and when selecting a link in the menu it obediently jumps to the new/selected slide. Trouble is that it then still shows the slide that was active when I selected the lightbox menu. It's almost like the new/selected slide shows like a layer where the base layer is still shown. (see pic)

Added wrinkle: this only happens in the published version. When I preview the whole project in storyline it works as designed ....

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Roger Rachuba

Well, I figured it out ... the glitch appears when you have several sets of templates in one project and you change from one template to another one (eg. page 1 - 5 have template A, pages 6 - 10 have template B - with template B being separate, not a subset of template A). All's fine as long as you stay in one template family in a project, issues arise when you apply different template "families".