Jumping to different scenes from a menu page

Hi All

I am new to storyline and I am attempting a compliance module which has five sections. I am trying to start with a menu page which has a square for each of the five sections which when clicked will take you to the content for that section and then once that is completed you come back to the menu page.

I have tried to highlight the square and set the trigger of 'jump to assigned slide, when user clicks that square'. I then attempted this for all five squares but only one of the squares will jump to the right section. I then changed this and added five scenes and had the trigger jump to assigned scene, but again only one of them will work but the others are not connecting.

Any ideas?

I appreciate any help with this.


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Susi B

Hi Allison,

could you share a dummy file with only the scenes/slides not working to jump right and the ones you want to be jumped on? Storyline 2 or 3 or 360?

You might need to know if you have more than one trigger on an object etc. they work from top to buttom, so the first on top is the first which is performed.

I created you 2 little files in SL2 only with jumping triggers, one for slides and one for scenes.



Allison Williams

Hi Susi


Having reviewed the files you attached i have figured out where i was going wrong. I was highlighting the second square and then instead of adding a new trigger i was changing the trigger that was already there. Oops!. 

I have resolved this issue now but without your files to look at i would still be wracking my brain. Thank you very much for your help, much appreciated.