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Hi folks,

I've having some challenges with some navigation features.  Specifically navigating back to previous slides from within the same scene. 

I have set up slide navigation controls against the slide, both Previous and Next.

Next works no problems at all, however Previous does not work against any of the slides that I have created.

In addition, I created an object trigger against a slide with the instruction to jump to a previous slide. However this does not work. 

More than happy to provide you with what I have created.


Robin Smith

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Robin, can you explain what is happening when you click the previous button? And let use know what you expect will happen when you click the prev button (if you are using the player buttons for next and prev, the expected behaviour for the prev button is that if will jump to the last slide you viewed).

Robin Smith

Hi Nancy.

Thanks for your email.

When I click on the previous button the shading changes ever so slighty but I stay in the same slide.

My expectation is that I will jump back to the previous screen when I select the previous button.

With the oject trigger that I created, my expectation was to jump from slide 8 back to slide 3.



Nancy Woinoski

Does this happen when you preview or in the published output? If you are just previewing a single slide the next and prev buttons and your object trigger won't work.

if this is not the issue then can you post your story file or a sample slide with the setup you are using here so that we can check your setup. Sometimes it is something as simple as the trigger order that can cause things not to work.

Robin Smith

It happens in both preview and publish.

In preview it happens regardless of whether it is a slide, scene or project. 

I have attached the file.

This is the first piece that I've designed using Storyline..........it's a bit rustic......more trial and error than anything else and not an official project for the business. I've taken a paper-based training piece and converted it into an elearning piece.



Nancy Woinoski

Hi Robin, I just tested your story file and it is working as expected for me. When I click the prev button it takes me back to the previous screen as expected and on slide 1.8 clicking the Help button takes me back to slide 1.3 as you have designed it. (one suggestion I would make here is to open slide 1.3 as a lightbox so that when the user finishes reviewing the slide and closes the lightbox they are take right back to the quiz question.  I made this change in your project (so you can see how it works)  and have uploaded it for you.  Since the rest of it is working as expected I could not recommend any other changes.

What browser are you using to view your project?

Robin Smith

Hi Nancy,

I'm using Internet Explorer 7.0.

Still no joy at my end When I click on the Help button on slide 1.8 it opens a transparent black screen with no text on it, and I then can't close the screen,

I have taken a screen shot of what I see and attached it for you.

Which browser would you suggest I change to?  

Nancy Woinoski

IE 7.0 is an older browser and is not considered a modern browser (you would not be able to run HTML5 output on it for example) but Articulate does support and I have created a course for a client who was still using IE 6 and it worked.

Can you try it on another browser (maybe try Chrome) to see if it works for you?

Here is what I see when I click the Help button.

 I think at this point you should submit a case to Articulate Support. They might have more insight into what the problem is with your setup or maybe a bug has been introduced that prevents the output from working correctly on IE 7.  Here is the link to contact support. http://www.articulate.com/support/contact/