Jumping to slide using Slider, States and Buttons

I have set up a "slider menu."  When the slider is moved, a preview panel for each topic is displayed.  I used States to set up the peview panel.   A "Begin" button is located in the Preview panel.    I want the learner to move the slider to the selected topic and then click the "Begin" button to launch to that topic.  

The slider navigation/preview panel is set up properly.  However, when clicking the Begin button, nothing happens.  Here is my trigger set up:    

- Jump to "Slide Number"  when slider is on "2" and Button Two is equal to Selected. 

Thanks for your suggestions!

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Char Larkin

Thank you for your reply. I am deep into this project and am reluctant to send my file - some sensitive info. I have a feeling this has to do with how I have triggered the button. First, I cannot add a separate button to each State. Am I correct? This means that the one button on the base line slide will have to be set up so that the learner can click on it with every changed state and it should be able to navigate to the correct slide. Now I just need to know how to make that happen. Thank you.

Char Larkin

Michael and friends,

I figured it out. Sometimes I make things harder than what they should be --- :) I only focused on the button and the states and created a trigger that said:

Jump to slide when learner clicks Button 2 and if (lower panel = this state).

The lower panel changes states by the use of the Slider.

I realized that I was not consistent with each Trigger. Once I did so, it worked.

Thank you!