June 2018 update bug: Course borders

Has anyone else been having an issue with the latest update where the course borders seem to be separated from the slides creating a white border?

  • This problem only happens if the course is allowed to resize in the browser.
  • This is only an issue in Chrome as I believe this was the focus of the recent update.

I've attached a comparison between Firefox and Chrome.

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Stephen Walker

It's worth noting that the white area is the Slide Background so I can change the colour to match the border but as you can see in this screenshot it is certainly better but still annoying as the Back/Next buttons were positioned to take into account the height of the border below.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stephen and Caroline,

I'd love to take a look at one of your courses to gather a bit more information on this issue. 

It looks like in Stephen's example it's browser specific and you've removed the Storyline player? Did you enable the Classic player or the Modern Player to remove all the pieces?

If you wanted to share your .story file here with us, we can take a look! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, Stephen and Caroline for these examples and Helene for the images. I'm seeing the same thing in Modern player as well as classic, and I found a similar issue reported to our team just before Update 17. Do you have any links to the course pre-Update 17 if you're only seeing it anew there? That may help our team track this one down.

I've filed a report with them and will keep you posted here on any updates! 

Stéphanie Cartier

Hi Alyssa,

I had the same trouble. I installed the new updates this morning (3.17.16188.0) and I have a white vertical line at right in my player.  The last I discover the problem and I ajusted a lot of things in my project. This morning, I have to reajust again!!!

Did you work on a new update? I ask this question because I have very important project to delivery and I cant with this problem.


Stéphanie Cartier 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Adélaïde,

Thanks for letting us know you're now seeing this problem in Storyline 3 update 5. I just published a quick sample file, and I do not see a thin white line around the slide inside the player. Here's a link to my sample file for you to test. 

Could you also share your file so I can take a closer look at what's happening? Thanks!

Adélaïde Bab

Maybe it's not exactly the same problem then.

Here's a screenshot of my file with Chrome.

The blue part is my web object, the red border is the background of my master slide and the arrow is a png added to the slide.

The web object is supposed to be totally covering the red background. All 3 (blue, red and arrow) are perfectly aligned on the right side of my slide in Storyline, but the published content is different.

I also attached a screenshot of the exact same file but with Edge. The problem is more subtle but we can still see a thin red line under the web object.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Steve -- That's a good thought. I republished my sample with those settings, and I'm now seeing a very thin line on the right side of the player. Here's the new link to the republished file. 

Hi, Adélaïde -- Wow, I can clearly see the red background showing through in the Chrome and Edge screenshots. Would you be willing to share this project file with my team for more testing? You can click here to share it privately.