June 2018 update: issues with drag and drop

Hello everybody. I have another issue resulting from the latest update to add to the list. 

It relates to drag and drop interactions. Formerly, when a slide's properties was set to 'When revisiting: Resume saved state', anything on the slide that had been dragged remained in the place to which had been dragged when the slide was revisited. However, since the update, these dragged items appear back in their initial positions when the slide is revisited. 

This is an issue for us as our standard quiz template allows users to revisit questions before submitting their attempts and so gives the impression that they have not answered the question or, perhaps, have got it wrong.

Any suggestions on how to work round this in the short-term, gratefully accepted


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Ren Gomez

Hi Jesper,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience! The discussion here mainly revolved around a bug where a drag-and-drop interaction would reset during quiz review.

It sounds like you're experiencing this as you're going through the course initially, correct? If you're able to share your file, our support team can take a closer look and help you identify the cause of the issue!