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john faulkes

A search for a 'Jung'-based test typically brings up the Myers Briggs model. This and many other models are based on Jung's work.

Have a look at this - http://www.humanmetrics.com/hr/you/personalitytype.aspx .

I have build many testing tools but I must say not for hiring/selection, just for personal and team development.

You do have to be a bit careful as people can, if rejected for a job, legally question any assessment tool used as part of the process.


Bob S

Hi Chris,

I guess my first question would be... Does it have to be based on the 16 personality type matrix of Jung?

Second would be... Why build what already exists?

There is a TREMENDOUS amount of clinical study, work, validation and more that goes into assembling personality profiles and a measurement tool for the same. It can be years of work to create something credible. This is not something even a highly experienced ID-type role would typically take on.... nor should they. If you have the academic/clinical background to attempt such a thing, then wonderful. In such a case, you might want to consider building it for yourself and selling it!   But if you're an educator/ID/training person at heart, this is something you probably want to push back on.

Now to my questions above...  There are a bunch of existing work style/personality profile type tests out there already. Some are more focused on the "internal" (how someone might think), some more focused on the "external" (how someone might act/react).  In my experience the latter are typically more useful in the workplace. To that end, things like the various versions of DISC/DiSC or other 4-quadrant systems are useful, easy to implement/work with, and provide a common language for your organization.   If however you prefer the more esoteric Jung-type internal focus profiles, there are several of those including MBTI and others.

In either case, I would STRONGLY consider looking at existing tools/systems and making the decision to bring those in house rather than try and build something from scratch.

Finally, if this will be used as a screening tool for hiring, rather than a work-style team dynamic tool for after the hiring decision is made, you are also open to a variety of legal concerns.  I would consider working with a screening pro such as SHL or the like as they have the Phds and Lawyers needed to create something meaningful, validated, and legally defensible for you.

Hope this helps,


Chris Lambert

Thank you for the responses.  I am not looking to re-invent the wheel here as that would mean more work for me.

Humanmetrics seems to be the big player here (Jung), and I have been in contact with them - they are very pricey.  If anyone has any experience implementing with other services (Bob, I am looking into SHL).  I have also looked into MBTI, and have been in contact with their foundation directly - they have certifications available but would be on the long-term implementation plan.

Thank you for all the feedback, I really appreciate it!