Just basic SCORM with Storyline and Blackboard?

All I want to do is get Storyline to output a percentage rollup for a 25-slide presentation. You know, so if the user completes one slide, the bar on the Blackboard SCORM player says "4 percent complete." I have versions running OK with both 1.2 and 2004/4th edition. But Blackboard only sees it as a single SCO no matter what settings I change in both versions.

If I was writing this myself, it looks like I need to add a way to give each of my 25 slides a value and then somehow roll them up? I see how I could do  that easy enough by using a frameset and simply counting the value as the user goes through the pages.

But it's not so easy to visualize how to take that value and integrate it with the Storyline-produced SCORM.

Any takers?



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Steve Flowers

Hi, Scott - 

Storyline isn't setup to do this out of the box. It'll report the score of a result (quiz) or the completion (is complete / isn't complete) to the LMS through SCORM based on conditions you set during publish. 

You could setup a result and force a value into the variable using JavaScript when a slide was visited. But you'd still need to setup a manual calculation trigger to track the slide completion. Example:

- Create a numeric variable for each slide in your presentation (default 0)

- Set that value to one when you visit a slide

- Calculate the sum of all of your slide variables

- Divide this summed value by the total number of slides

- Send this value into your results / score with JavaScript

Steve Flowers

//let's grab the variable first -- here I'm just grabbing it from an entry field

var player=GetPlayer();

var totalScore=player.GetVar("scoreCustom");

//We're going to leverage the published output method to update status from Flash

//The delimiters need to be setup just like this to jam in the array


//first argument is status: complete

//second argument is score

//third and fourth are min / max

//fifth is passing score

//sixth is type

In JavaScript - capture your slide talley and pass that as score in the slot above where it says "80"

julie wynn

Set a pass & fail status based on your results:

var player=GetPlayer();
var YourScore=player.GetVar("YourScore");

if (YourScore > 80 )


Rick Gomez

someone knows why can it be that that JS doenst work when accessing the course from a mobile, say tablet or mobile phone, for example using scormcloud?
It works perfectly from a PC but not from the mobile, tracking and complete will work but the score wont change, although  the score does change when accessed from a computer.


var player=GetPlayer();
var YourScore=player.GetVar("scoreCustom");
var YourScore=(YourScore*100)/60;
var YourScore=Math.round(YourScore);

if (YourScore > 75 )



Thank you


Steve Flowers

You'll want to use SetScore instead of onBWEvent. This works fine in Flash but on mobile = no Flash.

var player = GetPlayer();
var Score = player.GetVar(“ScorePercent”)
var lmsAPI = parent;
lmsAPI.SetScore(Score, 100, 0); //second parameter is max, second is min scaled

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