JUST PURCHASED Storyline - won't preview....

Oct 02, 2012

Good Morning,

I just purchased Storyline and I am really excited about the possiblities it presents.  However, I am using one of the templets that Tom has posted (Drag and Drop) and I'm trying to preview the first slide after editing it to what I want.....and the think will not preview.  It just contiues to Load and Load and Load witht he spinning wheel. 

When I edit one of the "video slides" in the template it previews just fine.

Can some one help me with this....I'm little embarrased to ask this question...I tend to think of myself as semi-techy.

Spinning in Missouri,


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Russell Still

You may have problems saving and publishing some large projects. Here are some things that may help:

(1) store your source files (.story) in a root-level directory named "articulate". I'm not sure if it's the name or the location, but this has solved some oddball problems for me in the past when my files were stored elsewhere on my local C drive.

(2) avoid publishing to Linux servers if you plan to use the Mobile Player. This one caused me several dozen hours of time to figure out.

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