Just Started Articulate 30 day trial - Imported Powerpoint into Storyline

I've read at least 5 discussions related to what I'm trying to do and yet I still can't get it right.   I've imported ppt file into storyline.  the layout style of the powerpoint master slide came in, but not elements that were on my master slide.  so in other words, it looks like white background without what was behind my text on the titles or my logo.  So I tried doing what I read.  I saved a new blank ppt with that master slide and imported it into storyline and saved it as a template BUT  I also saved it as a theme.   I don't know what the difference is in storyline.  when I import a new powerpoint presentation, I don't see template as a choice, so I chose theme and my elements are there, but layered over them, are the words that you usually see when you create a new ppt. (master  slides text boxes that say, "click here to edit master text" ).  I'm not "articulating" very well here. :-)  question ??? why do I see my logo and pretty layout text boxes in the slides BEFORE I import them into storyline but after they are imported, the formatting is gone?  how do I create the same corporate layout I had in powerpoint into all of my future storyline files? thank you for your patience.

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Daniel Servan

Hi Cheryl,

I think you need to do some cleaning when importing PPT into Storyline.
Storyline doesn't give WYSIWYG - What You Get Is What You Get solution.

What I did before was, I created my a custom layout in Master Slide and applied to all of my slides as I don't trust the generated master slide from PPT during import.

I am pretty sure the HEROES here will surely help and explain you clearly.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cheryl,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble importing PowerPoint into Storyline. After the import, you mentioned the slide background was white. If you right-click in the gray area outside the slide and select Layout, do you see the PowerPoint masters there? 

It might be helpful if you could send me the PowerPoint you're working with, and I can test the import on my end. If you don't mind sharing it, you can attach the file here using the Add Attachment button. Also, be sure to let me know which version of Storyline you're using so I can test in the same environment as you. :)

Cheryl Powers

No I don't mind sharing it. I had to manually put all of it in afterwards creating a template AND a theme - and I don't know the difference yet - because I only know powerpoint templates, and now there are storyline templates. Also I tried right clicking on it and selecting layouts > apply layout and I got the guts of my master, as in text boxes and all.

I'm not understanding the software since it's new, however, I'm not understanding why before I import them I can see the layout is correct and after import it's white background.

What is the difference between a layout, theme, template?

Have a great day!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cheryl,

I'd be happy to take a look! Instead of attaching the file via email, you'll want to open the actual forum thread by clicking the View button, then within the reply window, click the Add Attachment button.

Also wanted to mention that replying via email includes your email signature here. You're welcome to edit out your personal information if you'd like!