Justifying Storyline versus uPerform

Feb 17, 2014

Argh.  So I've been navigating through my new companies red tape machine to buy Storyline, which I love and know can do all I want in the authoring worlk.  I want to do branching, record my own audio, drag and drop...sue the characters in the bundle, SCORM and AICC publishing to our Saba LMS, embedded quizzes with various levels of pass/fail, shufflw questions...etc.

I've been told by IT that we own uPerform and I need to justify why I want / need Storyline to do my job.  This is super frustrating...and I know that if/when I get uPerform installed on my PC (version 5.0...moving to 5.2 in MArch) I'll be able to see if/where uPerform falls short...but I'm hoping I can save myself the trouble by finding someone in this community who knows one or two deal breakers that would save me the trouble.

For example, can I use my Blue Snowball mic to record my own audio in uPerform or must I import audio?  That would be a deal breaker right there.



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Sjoerd de Vries


I work with both, storyline and uPerform. These can be compared as apples as pears, both fruity and healthy, but different shape. It's a sad discussion you have to do with your employer. If you were in the design business and have a videocamera and want a photocamera as well you would lift your eyebrowse if they reply that you can take pictures with your video camera as well. But it's not that simple.

In Storyline there is a recorder function to do screen recording and this feature may be compared with the uPerform recorder. But when it comes to create a lot of simulations, uPerform is a better tool.

On the other hand has uPerform a specific feature to create an e-learning module based on stencils where you can import PowerPoint and add questions to slide. This is the main feature of Storyline and this part is much much much much better.

UPerform is a tool heading heavily on performance support: context sensitive online help, collaborative development environment. single source recording and editing, multiple publication outputs. For this kind of features I would recommend tools like uPerform, altough I do not think uPerform is best in class. In my humble opnion it's Oracle's User Productivity Kit, then Datango and then uPerform.

When your company need to create attractive and engaging e-learning modules that are more then a PowerPoint based format that have pictures and bullets and - if you are lucky - a voice that reads the bullets to call this e-learning ... Well, then you really need uPerform. Just ask them to spend 1000 dollar for a single license. But if you want to use Storyline to create simulations and instructions , for example for ERP applications like Oracle and SAP, I really would listen to your employer.

So in fact, you must not think which application is better, but what you want to acchieve.

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