JWPlayer v6 in Storyline - how do I monitor start/completion?

Hi there Geniuses. I just wanted to know if anyone had an explanation or walkthrough of how to 'record' within Storyline if someone has clicked on (and also completed viewing) a video that has been linked via web object (and played through JWPlayer 6 - not the latest v7) to an HTML file I can edit?

I have a number of videos that my client wants to access via JWPlayer and I can embed and publish these HTML files with my project. I just need to understand how Storyline 'communicates' with externally referenced files (web objects) especially if the video files are then on a third-party server.

Normally I would directly import into the timeline and have all the in-built flexibility that Storyline offers via triggers and timeline based variables, but I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to have the same degree of control via web object videos.

Someone asked something similar 3 years ago (https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/using-an-external-player-for-video-playback-via-cdn-using-jwplayer) and unfortunately the link in the answer doesn't really help or explain.

Basically, I need to monitor if someone has clicked the play button on the JWPlayer video, and/or also record if the video is played till completion.

Is that doable you crazy, wild-haired, madly wonderful brainiacs?

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Matthew Bibby

Hey Diarmaid,

You'll need to use the JW Player API and JavaScript to communicate to Storyline that the video has started and finished. I've seen this done with both YouTube's and Vimeo's API in the past, so it should be possible, although you may run into issues with running this from an LMS due to security stuff

Yell out if you need a hand.