Keep audio playing on a paused timeline...

Jan 19, 2021

Hi all
I'm hoping you can help, as you always do :)
This relates to Storyline360...
I have a background audio to continue playing on a slide, which I have added to its own layer.
On the base layer, the timeline pauses after 7 seconds, until the user hits a button to resume the timeline.
However, I need the background audio to continue playing.
I was hoping that placing the audio on a separate layer would work, but unfortunately not.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 
Many thanks

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Chris Want

Hi Phil
Thanks for replying.
I do indeed.
The timeline  is triggered on the base layer to pause at 7.25s until a continue box is clicked which then triggers to resume the timeline.
This part works...

I was hoping that putting the audio on a layer by itself would prevent the audio from stopping as it has its own timeline, but no such luck...
The audio layer is triggered to show when timeline starts on base layer.
Tried 2 different triggers on the audio layer, to resume timeline when reaches 7.25s, then tried play audio when reaches 7.25s but neither worked.
The audio works until 7.25s, then still pauses at the same time as the base layer.
There are animations and zoom regions on the base layer that I need to pause until the user has read a box and hit continue.

Many thanks