Keep getting Error when trying to publish to Review

I'm trying to publish a module to send for review but I keep getting this error

Error Publishing

I have a very strong Internet connection (no different than it has been when I've uploaded tons of other modules), and it looks like I can publish other modules right now as well. Perhaps there is something in this module that is causing the problem?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Greg

have you tried publishing to web and uploading to a webserver you can use ( if you don't have your own, or try publishing to LMS and uploading to Scormcloud if you don't have an LMS...that might let you know if there is a corrupt slide in the module that is stopping the publish function.

Greg Williams (LnD

Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, it works when exporting to web. I'm hesitating to export to our LMS since the thing is so old there is no way to test it working before impacting many learners with whatever it is I upload. I suppose that may be the only way at this point since reviewer doesn't work.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Greg

if it's publishing successfully for web then it looks like a connection issue to Review. I know there was an issue a few days ago publishing Rise courses to Review - you can see status info here but they didn't mention Storyline.

Perhaps check out Alyssa's suggestions in this post.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.