Keep question on for second try

Hi everyone,

In the attached file I've created a question on a layer. When learners click Question and then read the instructions, they click on "I'm ready for my question!" and the Question layer becomes visible.

Learners select two of the panels and Submit to see if they're correct. If not, the slide restarts. At this point the Question layer disappears. I'm trying to tie the Question layer to the "Try Again" button on the Wrong answer layer so it will remain visible when learners try a second time. That isn't happening, probably because the slide is set up to reset to initial state upon entry. That's important to a different aspect of the slide, so I need to keep it to that setting.

There's probably a far better way of doing this. Can someone please help? Thanks much in advance!



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Tom Kuhlmann

Currently you show the layer, but then leave the slide and reload it. You can probably create a variable to determine whether or not to show the question layer when the timeline starts.

You could try this (it may be easier)

  • Try again button shows question layer
  • Try again button changes the state of the answer boxes to normal when selected

That would keep the question layer visible and it would reset the state of the selected layers.  Also, you could use selected states and may not need all of the change state triggers on the shapes.